Published Journal Articles

Brodsky, A.*, Lee, M. J.*, & Leonard, B. Discovering new frontiers for dyadic and team interaction studies: Current challenges and an open-source solution—SurvConf—for increasing the quantity and richness of interactional data. Academy of Management Discoveries. doi:10.5465/amd.2021.0257

       *Authors contributed equally to this manuscript, alphabetical order.


Manuscripts Invited for Revision

Lee, M. J., Brodsky, A., & Kouchaki, M. Speaking up from the heart: The power of state authenticity in challenging the powerful. Status: Reject-and-Resubmit at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


Manuscripts in Preparation

Green, Jr., P. & Lee, M. J. & Coutifaris, C. G. V. The dark side of transmitting the culture in feedback: Manager culture enactment, prescriptive feedback, and employee performance improvement. Status: Writing & Preparing for submission.

Hussain, I., Lee, M. J., & Burris, E. What do employees speak up about? Examining the content of employee voice at work. Status: Data analysis & Writing.

Lee, M. J. & Harrison, D. A. Dynamics of interracial bridging friendships at work: Impacts of structure, homophily, and psychology. Status: Data analysis & Writing.

Lee, M. J., Sohn, W., & Brodsky, A. Seeing is disbelieving: How interpersonal liking influences the effects of visuality on virtual collaboration. Status: Additional data collection & Writing.

Lee, M. J., Green, Jr., P, & Burris, E. When motivating feedback doesn’t motivate: The effect of emotional intelligence on feedback strategy selection. Status: Data analysis & Writing.

Rochford, K., Bergeron, D., Cooper, M., Romney, A., & Lee, M. J. If I listen, must I react? How managerial responses to employee voice influence employee felt listening and future voice intentions. Status: Additional data collection & Writing.

Bermiss, S., Lee, M. J., Wu, A, & Huang, L. The politics of angels: The impact of political ideology on entrepreneurial investment decisions. Status: Additional data collection & Writing.


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